Monday, December 28, 2015

Welcome to Hunting Ancestors' Histories

Researching our family history began in the late 1970s like many Americans. After becoming interested in family history, it was apparent to me that I know very little, if not anything about my ancestors.  I only knew my family lines back to my maternal and paternal grandparents. It was amazing to me that not many of our family members shared stories about the people they knew best. Little was written down and shared from one generation to the next.  So after 35 years of researching a fair number of my lines and my husband's lines, I have decided to share the stories about their lives.  As the family's self-appointed historian, I enjoy placing each ancestor in their historical context and telling their story.  I hope you too will enjoy these stories as I dig through the mountains of information that I have compiled during my hunt for my ancestors' histories.

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