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Ralph and Lin Watson
Hi, my name is Lin Eakin Watson. I'm a wife, mom, and grandmother. Over thirty-five years ago genealogy began as a hobby for me. It has now turned into an obsession!   About ten years ago I began transitioning my genealogical findings into family history stories. Wow, I do have some doozies to share! Since retiring in fall 2014, I am concentrating on sharing my research and photo collection that I've accumulated over the years.

Blogging provides a great opportunity for sharing my research, photos, and stories that I have found.  I can easily reach family members so that they may learn about their ancestors, ask questions, share stories and discover how we are connected to the names from our past which have contributed partly to who we are today.

Prior to retiring from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after serving as a Public Health Advisor, I followed my husband as he transferred around the world for his military career. I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and hold a Masters of Nursing Science from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In addition to my nursing degrees, I hold a Certificate of Genealogy and Family History Research from the University of Washington.  I continue to dream of becoming a certified genealogist as a life's goal.

As a member of the Clark County Historical Association (CCHA) I frequently contribute to the annual journal.  My 2014 article submission entitled “Andrew Jackson Ross: 1814 – 1877” was chosen by The Arkansas Historical Association for the Award for Best Biography, Autobiography or Memoir published in a County or Local Historical Journal. I am also a member of the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

My goal for my blog is to share information in a way that will be easy for my grandchildren to read and share my interest in our heritage.

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