Saturday, January 9, 2016


This photo of my grandmother, Lennie Mae (Floyd) Ross is a complement to my last posting where her son, David is also featured in the Ross family garden.

Granny Ross is around forty-eight years old in this picture. Every time I've looked at it I think she looks much older. Maybe I also looked older when I was forty-eight!

If any of my cousins or siblings know who took these photos, please let me know.  I would love to add that tidbit to my writings about our Ross ancestors.



Ross, Lennie Mae (Floyd) Photograph. ca 1944. Original image. Privately held by Lin Eakin Watson, Hot Springs, Arkansas.


The next vintage photo from Granny Ross' photo album is an image of David Charles Ross in the Ross family garden.  He appears to be about eight or nine years old, so this photo was probably taken around 1944/45. He is my uncle.

In February of 1943, Governor Homer Adkins asked Arkansans to plant Victory Gardens to help supplement food rationing on the homefront during World War II.  My guess is the Ross family garden wasn't a Victory Garden, but a subsistence garden that preceded the WWII need for supplementing their rations or boosting the community's morale.

The garden harvest is bountiful.  David is seen holding two cantaloupes with other vegetables displayed proudly in front of him and the cute puppy. The photo's subject suggests it was taken on a hot July morning since David is dressed in just his overalls and no shirt and cantaloupes are a late July crop.  Other vegetables that would soon grace the dinner table and Granny Ross' canning pantry are tomatoes, black-eyed peas, cucumbers, and squash. The produce from the family garden is a true representation of a south Arkansas summer garden.

The garden size gleaned from just this photo appears to represents a good size family garden.  It definitely could meet the dwindling Ross family food needs in the mid 1940s.  Just in this corner of the garden you can see plenty of tall pole beans, cantaloupe plants running across the ground in front of the beans, a freshly plowed area readied for the next planting of the season, and many many tomato plants in the foreground. The garden is fenced by a hand hewn fence made from cut tree trunks and crumpled wire to prevent those pesky intruders that plague every gardener.

During this timeframe there were probably only three or four Ross family members still living at home.  My grandfather, Robert "Pete", his wife Lennie (Granny Ross), and their son David (my uncle) definitely would be living at home and working the garden.  Another uncle who was not married until 1947 may have been at home.  At the time of this photo, Loucious was likely already in Europe serving in the Army during World War II. The other eight children were already married or had moved out of the house.

As for the cute puppy in the photo, I would love to know its name.



Ross, David C. Photograph. ca 1944. Digital image. Privately held by David C. Ross, II, Henderson, Nevada.

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Friday, January 8, 2016


Although not a photo from Granny Ross' photo album this image is a complement to my last posting.  It was donated by another cousin, Karen Ross Niewald from Missouri.  Bringing a photo collection together that helps to add interest to our family's history is pretty awesome. Thank you Karen!

In this photo Hollis Ross, Granny Ross' oldest child is holding David Charles Ross, who is her last born.  Hollis is about 21 or 22 years old in this image.  It's another great photo showing us a proud family of their newest member as well as giving us a glimpse into a poor southern family's farm lifestyle.

The picture was taken in the Gurdon, Arkansas area around July 1936. Hollis is squatting, presumably for the amaetur photographer to capture more of the landscape behind him.  It's felt the photo's location in the yard was chosen to possibly show off a prized rose bush that is closest to Hollis' right shoulder.  Also in the background on the far right is a section of fencing that appears to define the yard.  The other bushes may also be hiding from the house view a working pen or garden area.

Ross, Hollis and David C. Photograph. ca 1936. Original image. Privately held by Lin Eakin Watson Hot Springs, Arkansas.